NukiFX home automation control application

REMOVE THE TOKEN, on the Nuki website, if you have lost or think you have lost your watch. Remember that it is now the key to your home.

User's guide and manual: Click here to download

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Allows the sending of locking and unlocking orders to the "Nuki locker" and the "Nuki openner" (unlocking only) using Web API. Design in English, Spanish, French and German. Very simple and intuitive interface. Widget included. Requirements:

  • Tizen 4.0 operating system or later
  • CONNECTION of the watch to the INTERNET is REQUIRED, either by wifi, LTE or via mobile phone.
  • You must activate through your Nuki account, the "API NUKI WEB" services.
  • IT IS NECESSARY TO GENERATE A TOKEN to validate your access to the devices as well as to obtain the ids of each device, these ids are obtained by the application itself by pressing a button.
The token must be generated with your user account on the Nuki website.

IMPORTANT. After testing we would like to point out the following considerations:
  • if the internet connection is not good, e.g. LTE indoors, the command may not reach the device.
  • using the Nuki Openner, it has taken up to 5 seconds to unlock the door, but it has always worked correctly.
  • the change of statuses of the devices reflects the one shown on the Nuki website; on occasions, we have found that it takes minutes to update certain statuses. On the other hand, the Widget updates the statuses between 10 and 15 seconds automatically and, in addition, whenever the screen is changed.


  • If you already had the app, remove the widget before installing. Once installed, first configure the devices, whether you already had the application or if it is new, by pressing the get id button. You should see the device ids and device names appear.
  • Once the application is configured, add the widget.
  • Major changes have been made internally to the application but by following the steps above you will avoid having to re-enter the token.

Changes in version 4:
  • Created configuration menu.
  • As new options have been added and some people could not find the device settings, a new menu has been added to cover the different settings.
  • Multi-device holder
  • Any number of devices can now be used as long as they are under the same token. Users who only have one device of the same type will only see the name displayed, those who have more than one can select the one they will use and the application will suggest the last one used.
  • Vibration mode
  • A vibration option has been added which will vibrate the watch when the response to an open or close command is correct.

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